Satellite Navigation and Messaging

More and more customers are requiring an ‘all in one’ solution combining tracking, messaging, routing and navigation.

Trackyou understand that a mobile worker could end up with having too many devices in a vehicle.  Sat Nav, PDA, mobile phone, tracker etc.  We wanted to simplify the process in a neat package.  Our combined satellite navigation and messaging device provides this platform.

Working with GARMIN to provide the satellite navigation technology, Trackyou provide a unit that works like a completely normal satellite navigation device – but with enhanced routing and messaging features.

Tracking & Sat Nav

Sat    NavPerforms just like other models in Garmin's satellite navigation range but with the added benefit of vehicle tracking through the feature packed Trackyou system.

Improved driver safety

Lane assist guides drivers to the right lane at the right time - especially helpfull when navigating a large load across a complex section of road.

Pinpoint your location!

If you need to know your location quickly you can use Where am I? Which will show you your exact location and the local services surrounding you, no matter where in Europe you are.

GPS Hotfix

With GPS hotfix, there is no need to panic if you make a wrong turn, you will be quickly located and your journey re-routed with its fast positioning technology.


garmin_message Send and receive messages over the air just like e-mail. 

Type by touching the on-screen QUERTY keyboard. Send instructions or new addresses, points of interest. Pick from a selection of preset messages to quickly reply to common messages. All in a touch screen format mounted securely inside the vehicle.


garmin_routingDifferent fleets have different requirements. 

If you operate HGV or public service vehicles, you may need to plan your routes for work accordingly.  The Trackyou system does it for you!  Simply tell the device the size of your vehicle and it will route you appropriately at all times.  No more low bridges or narrow lanes.  The powerful Trackyou solution will ensure that your drivers are on the right track and on time thanks to sophisticated and intelligent routing.

Got a new driver? Having to use agency/relief drivers?

Training them up to learn routes can take up valuable time and resources.  Using the Trackyou all in one system allows you to pre-load up to 10 individual routes with various points of interest along the way.  Instantly your driver has the right route to follow and can get moving!  Monitor their progress using the Trackyou web interface to see if they are sticking to schedules and making good progress.  If not, message them on the move!  It couldn’t be simpler to gain complete control over fleet movement.


Messaging & Digital Forms


MDT - The Powerful In-Cab Messenger

Trackyou’s Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) is the perfect solution for clients requiring a combined solution for both two way messaging and digital forms.

The MDT is mounted securely within the cab and is a robust device.  Free typing is quick and easy on the system and additional voice options are available, allowing the device to be used as an in-cab communications device.




Digital Forms


Digital Forms

Recent innovations have seen Trackyou develop a system ideally suited to vehicle check functions – essential when considering the Corporate Manslaughter laws within the UK.  In just a few seconds, a driver can complete a thorough vehicle check and send that information live over the air to report in any defects or issues.

Completed forms are sent and saved on the trackyou system for use in our detailed reporting system.

View Example




The MDT is perfect for free typed or template messaging between vehicle and base.  Using Trackyou’s powerful geofence tool, it is possible to set up entry/exit messages on demand for specific areas. Drivers can stay in constant communication with base without the need for a mobile phone.

Driver ID

mdt_screen_03Driver I/D

The MDT can also be used for Driver I/D purposes where it is essential to know who is operating the vehicle at all times. Keyfobs can restrict vehicle access for specific drivers so only specific drivers can start the vehicle. Each driver can also have their license types listed centally on our servers so only drivers legally allowed to drive that vehicle class is allowed access.


Real-time communication between mobile workers and dispatch operations provide:

  • Dispatch assistance
  • Delivery confirmation.
  • Order information.
  • Routing/re-routing directions.
  • Status and schedule changes.
  • Faster response to customer emergencies. 
  • Minimize error-prone manual paperwork entry with electronic digital forms.
  • Save time and reduce operating expenses through automated driver log processing and HOS compliance.
  • Increase security of mobile assets by enabling Drivers to login to their vehicle systems using username and password, Key Fob or by using a Smart Card System (Magnetic Card Reader). Configure the WebTech Locator to disable the vehicle starter if driver authentication has not been verified.

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